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Many of the athletes said they were unaware that the supplements Tvolve they were taking contained illegal substances but that was not enough to avoid losing the medals won in that period. Currently, Victor Conte owns the brand SNAC supplements ( Scientific Nutrition for Advanced Conditioning ). Studies show that ZMA increases testosterone Whenever a supplement brand promotes ZMA, she invariably cites two studies with more than 15 years. One, dated 1998, is not published in any scientific journal and has only been presented at a conference [* 1] . Tvolve The other was apparently published in 1999 in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise but, strangely, is not available online [* 2] . These two studies have in common the fact that they have proven that supplementation with ZMA increased testosterone levels and muscle strength of individuals who consumed the ZMA. But they have another interesting thing in common: the fact that studies have been carried out by Victor Conte , the founder of ZMA formula.


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